Let me just set the overall tone for this site. Two themes: I'm pissed and I don't care what you think. If you think you can keep that straight, great. We'll have no interaction and, therefore, we will get along just fine. If you can't, well, blow me.

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Angry and Unrepentant

Go to hell. That’s for every emasculated, limp-wristed, gender-lost Nancy-boy that condemns this work with or without the benefit of actually having read it (i.e. following in lockstep with the “thinking” members of their ilk with wholesale dismissal and blanket condemnation). That’s for every screeching coward lusting after the opportunity to scream foul about someone speaking their mind (read: free speech). That’s for every Muslim coward with upturned fist, prohibited by his own cowardice to reveal his face; a pointless stooge who condemns the point of view—my point of view—that by the 21st century religion should have evolved beyond that of an “adopt or die” mission statement. That’s for everyone who disagrees with me. Period.

This blog is spitefully crafted from the increasingly popular, but yet still socially unacceptable position of the oppressed conservative, straight, white male. As a card-carrying member of this silenced majority, I, like so many others, have grown disgusted with the innumerable feckless group of rubes who seek to promote their own selfish pursuits with reckless abandon; happily discarding the American culture that had propelled this nation to former greatness. Shunning the defenders of principal that provide these mentally vanquished losers the very liberties on which they rely to speak their empty minds.

For all of those now locked in this tightening spiral of torment, I am your voice; these are your words. Forthwith, I am slamming on the brakes to this hapless DUI vision of America and am unearthing the cornerstone perspective before it is forever lost in antiquity—a mere remnant of yet another failed civilization.