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Political Correctness

With the exception of the gelding curse, the most debilitating cancer to American culture is the perverse idea of political correctness. Inexplicably, the odd teaming of geldings, minorities, and “special interest” groups has embedded a strangulating, self-policing culture of restraint and freedom from speech attitude in the American populous that has derailed the free exchange of ideas, thoughts, and expressions—good or bad. Precipitously, after the conceptual adoption of restricted speech, the practice has further evolved to selective restriction of speech.

I’m here to trounce that practice. I am hereby flipping the bird to all the fringe pink boa-wearing freaks, minority leaders, religious intolerants, and overly sensitive emasculates whose constitutions are too weak to endure sharp words, but not too weak to dole them out.

You cannot infringe on my constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech nor will I be intimidated by your intolerance. Furthermore, as is so frequently demanded (and therefore rendered meaningless upon delivery), I will not apologize for my words. Tough. Get over it. Wipe off your tears and go away. Try to bitch slap me all you want, but I will let you know it if I tire of hearing you define yourself by your unnatural sexuality, watching you dance around in the streets with nary a stitch of clothing save a pair of ass-less chaps, or cringing over your assertion that I am somehow responsible for the actions of America’s forebears. And I will do so with impunity.

Whereas we all have the right to voice our opinions, you do not have a right not to have them expressed if they somehow offend you. Even at a time of mourning, the family of a fallen soldier does not have the right not to be burdened with the disgraceful words of some fringe religious freaks (God-fearing Christians?) who speak out against the deceased. Like the bereaved family, the PC fascists do not have the right to be shielded from speech against them (perceived or otherwise). In a free society, you have to take the good with the bad. Case in point: I’ve had to tolerate watching behavior that I find offensive and listening to disturbing rants from morally and generally repugnant individuals. I’ve had to listen to the agenda-driven words and ideas that I find personally and morally offensive, as well as downright disturbing. Certainly, those same individuals enjoy no special privilege that would bar me from voicing my own opinions about them.

Though you have the right to express your view—that everyone should adhere to your twisted value system and be silent on issues about which you cannot defend—I have an equal right to ignore you like the bum on the street panhandling for unearned cash. Did I say, “bum?” Why, that’s politically incorrect. Well, if it’s dressed in rags, smells like a sewer, and has the teeth of a Briton, then it’s probably a bum.

Political correctness (along with the systematic emasculation of the American male) has driven our culture into near extinction, the long-term effects of which will soon be felt. By its very nature, it is restrictive. And by definition, selective restriction on any speech renders speech to be not free. As a product of political correctness, American society in the 21st century is censored, constrained, and to a growing extent, fascist.