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Archive for March, 2011

Mega Movers

Alright, nothing brings out my ire more than those ridiculous electric carts that were introduced to the consumer marketplace, particularly at Wal-Mart. Yeah, yeah, they’re supposed to be used by little old ladies with hip problems or people with broken legs, etc. But au contraire, for I had never seen such people taking advantage of these […]

Empty Suit

The Middle East is in chaos driving up domestic fuel prices well beyond levels we experienced under the Bush administration; Japan has suffered its worst natural disaster in recent memory and a potentially devastating nuclear meltdown to boot; the US domestic economy is at its lowest point of many of our lifetimes; the Democrat party suffered its […]

Freedom of Speech…Maybe Not

We’ve of how the PC-crowd is engaging in an all-out assault on free speech. Fueled by short-sightedness and constipated thinking, libs—the self-proclaimed defenders of constitutional rights and rights not yet identified as constitutional, but that should be—are targeting free speech in an unprecedented fascism, um, fashion. So the libs constantly whine about how their constitutionally-guaranteed […]

Immoral Authority

Here we go again. Twenty-one “priests” were suspended when oh-so-typical sexual abuse allegations and rampant pedophilia among Philadelphia-area priests surfaced via a grand jury investigation. What do you mean “suspended?” They should be crucified, no pun intended. Allegations of sexual abuse and “boundary issues” with minors abound with these priests. What? Do we really need […]