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Immoral Authority

Here we go again. Twenty-one “priests” were suspended when oh-so-typical sexual abuse allegations and rampant pedophilia among Philadelphia-area priests surfaced via a grand jury investigation. What do you mean “suspended?” They should be crucified, no pun intended.

Allegations of sexual abuse and “boundary issues” with minors abound with these priests. What? Do we really need to hear the church insult our collective intelligence with dismissive, politically-correct rhetoric and socially androgynous speak with terms like “boundary issues?” By “boundary issues” I can only assume that what they really mean is the priests have issues with the belts around their targets’ pants.

Thirty-seven so-called “moral leaders” of Catholic churches local to Philadelphia had allegations of pedophilia against them. Simple math demonstrates that there are still potentially sixteen more pervs still out there “servicing” their parish community’s children. That’s nice. It’s good to know that these upstanding members of the clergy are taking such an interest in our children with their now endemic “hands on” ministerial approach. So, what conclusions can we draw from this revelation? Well, thirty-seven pedophile priests active in the church is completely unacceptable the powers-to-be in the Catholic church. Sixteen active child molesters, however, is just fine. Thanks Cardinal Rigali, you’ve made all the members of your diocese feel that much more comfortable knowing their children are safe. Whatever.

Another story cites praise for Cardinal Rigali, infamous archbishop of the Philadelphia diocese¾perhaps the most sexually-robust, pedophilic diocese of the Catholic church. Praise? For Rigali? Really? And what actions of his warrant praise? The scandal broke because of a grand jury investigation of the priests in question. Rigali and his merry band of pedophilic apologists swept the issue under the proverbial rug¾a tactic long employed by the Catholic church in just such cases.

In yet another story, it was reported that the area Catholic schools were “amping up” a so-called Safe Environment Program. Presumably, this program will ensure that school faculty and volunteers will go through mandatory training and background checks. Um, I‘m sorry, but what about the priests? The scandal is about priests. Let me repeat…P-R-I-E-S-T-S!. Get it? They’re the ones having difficulty keeping their holy vessels sequestered under their vestments. Once again, the church offers it’s constituency a red herring, attempting to placate them without really addressing the pertinent issues. Typical.

“Protection of children is paramount,” Rigali said, adding, “We express once again our sorrow to God for all our sins and for the sins of others. I personally renew my deep sorrow to the victims of sexual abuse in the community of the church and to all others, including so many faithful priests who suffer as a result of this great evil and crime.” I’m sorry, but what’s the more heinous crime here? The priests sprinkling their personal brand of holy water onto little boys, or the church leaders who knew of the problem, and not only covered it up, but allowed those priests to continue servicing the children?

As stated by Rigali, “Whoever harms a child, must remember the words of Jesus: ‘It would be better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.'” Well then, I say go for it. Live the scripture. Don’t just talk about it, do it. I‘d be happy to personally supply him with all the millstones he needs.

Of course, further disclosure about their alleged activity is simply not embraced by church officials. Apparently, the only things church officials feel comfortable embracing are our children. One has to wonder why it seems that every time these kinds of charges are made public (and almost always on a widespread scale), it also comes to light that the church leaders had known about the problem for years, yet had done nothing to eradicate the pervs from the church community. Perhaps it’s because this is a top-down issue. One can reasonably conclude that the leaders protect these individuals because they themselves embrace the lifestyle choice.

It’s this kind of nonsense—child molesters running amuck in the ranks of the Catholic church, all the while their “not-so-chaste activities” being publicly suppressed by the church leaders—that marginalizes the Catholic church’s position as a moral voice. On the bright side, however, it does reinforce the Catholic church’s newly adopted and long sought after position as the world’s immoral authority. Congratulations.