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Empty Suit

Empty Suit-in-Chief

All hail our Suit-in-Chief; fine linen serving in the highest office of our land. It's too bad that, like our president, it's probably not American made.

The Middle East is in chaos driving up domestic fuel prices well beyond levels we experienced under the Bush administration; Japan has suffered its worst natural disaster in recent memory and a potentially devastating nuclear meltdown to boot; the US domestic economy is at its lowest point of many of our lifetimes; the Democrat party suffered its greatest setback in decade; and unemployment is persistently hovering at unsustainable levels; so I ask where’s Waldo? Our commander-in-chief has been conspicuously absent, both figuratively and physically.

Our president is enjoying endless rounds of golf (weather permitting, of course), jetting off to foreign lands for “can’t wait” talks…you know, for those pressing international issues developing in, say, Rio, infamously working on (and videotaping) his all-important NCAA basketball brackets, or he is just plain mum on any developing problems. Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

It almost goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway because the revisionists would have you believe otherwise) that if it was Bush who was in office, he’d be eviscerated by the press. Speaking of the press, it bears questioning “where’s the press?” in addition to “where’s the president?” I supposed that, however, is a question for another time.

We all know him. He’s the guy who sits in his cubical half the day surfing the web and roaming the office the rest of the time looking to engage in mindless chatter. He the guy who constantly takes sick days, comes back from one of his countless vacations boasting about his time in the Bahamas (or is it Rio?), always bemoans his boss’ stupdity, or consistently denigrates his fellow co-workers. He’s that guy. He nary has a care about his position in the company nor does he take responsibility for his work or his lack of productivity. He’s always blaming others for his misgivings and failures. He is the empty suit.

Whatever happened to “you never want to let a serious crisis go to waste,” the advice of his former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel? Here’s our esteemed president—communicator extraordinaire—sitting at the helm of an imploding world and yet there’s not even an apparent effort to capitalize on the today’s misfortunes, much less an actual effort to resolve them. People complain about a non-proactive government. Hell, I’d take reactive government at this point. Our newly-minted, ever popular government health care program should put a heart monitor in the White House to see if there’s a pulse.


Comment from angrymanchronicles
Time March 29, 2011 at 7:02 am

Nobody’s talking back? Wimps. Geldings. Rubes. Sycophants. Pansies. Assless leather chaps-wearing, bootlicking, skull cap-clad, body odor-reaking, liberal scourge..You all suck.

Comment from Patrick Carroll
Time April 26, 2011 at 5:09 am

Yep, you have yourselves a DUD President, much the same as we have a DUD Prime Minister.