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Perverting Pernicious Pronouns

Check this story: Trans Teacher Wins $60,000 Settlement Because Co-Workers Wouldn’t Call Her “THEY” “They” is the nominative PLURAL pronoun of he, she and it. That said, however, “they” is commonly and correctly used in place of the definite masculine “he” or the definite feminine “she” ONLY when preceded by an indefinite SINGULAR antecedent, such […]

Empty Suit

The Middle East is in chaos driving up domestic fuel prices well beyond levels we experienced under the Bush administration; Japan has suffered its worst natural disaster in recent memory and a potentially devastating nuclear meltdown to boot; the US domestic economy is at its lowest point of many of our lifetimes; the Democrat party suffered its […]

Immoral Authority

Here we go again. Twenty-one “priests” were suspended when oh-so-typical sexual abuse allegations and rampant pedophilia among Philadelphia-area priests surfaced via a grand jury investigation. What do you mean “suspended?” They should be crucified, no pun intended. Allegations of sexual abuse and “boundary issues” with minors abound with these priests. What? Do we really need […]

Neighborhood Associations

So, there I was, standing on my walk with shovel in hand hacking into the ice that seems to have become fused with the concrete. In short, I’m working, which is par for the course for home ownership. I complain to no one but myself, cursing at the icy sheet as though it was some rube who cut […]

Political Correctness

With the exception of the gelding curse, the most debilitating cancer to American culture is the perverse idea of political correctness. Inexplicably, the odd teaming of geldings, minorities, and “special interest” groups has embedded a strangulating, self-policing culture of restraint and freedom from speech attitude in the American populous that has derailed the free exchange […]