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Archive for 'Rolling Boil'

The Gym: Porky Pig Strong Man

Alright, I went to the gym last night and, of course, was made immediately irritated at first sight of a cancer that has been plaguing gyms since their inception. Over zealous trainers? No. Poorly maintained equipment? No. Nasty locker rooms? Again, no. The real cancer of gyms is the consummate fat guy wearing a tank […]

Freedom of Speech…Maybe Not

We’ve of how the PC-crowd is engaging in an all-out assault on free speech. Fueled by short-sightedness and constipated thinking, libs—the self-proclaimed defenders of constitutional rights and rights not yet identified as constitutional, but that should be—are targeting free speech in an unprecedented fascism, um, fashion. So the libs constantly whine about how their constitutionally-guaranteed […]

Voice Mail (Auto Attendants)

People are in love with the sound of their own voices. Nowhere is that more evident than voice mail systems, or as the fatuous telecommunications industry has dubbed the newest generation: “auto attendants.” Of course, an auto attendant is a euphemism for “we’re too cheap to hire a human being to answer your call, so […]

Engineers vs. Bean Counters

So I bought a 12 pack of crisp, refreshing Diet Pepsi and a 12 pack of thirst quenching Diet Mountain Dew for the office—you know, the ones that are configured as long rectangles to fit conveniently into your refrigerator—because it’s all about convenience; it’s all about me, the customer. Collecting my things, I see that […]